DIY – Exterior Painting Tips


Want a perfect Exterior House Painting job? Go through the tips below to get complete exterior painting more accessible and faster!!

A perfect exterior painting job is a tough job. But the outcomes are significant too. With the less investment in tools and materials, you’ll save thousands, extend the limits and follow the following tips and techniques to increase the value of your home or any place in way less time. The best part is, you’ll make it look like new again.

Here we go!! Tips and techniques to get the perfect exterior painting!!

  1. Wash the exterior and scrape off loose paint:

Use a mix of water and a phosphate-free cleanser to wash off the dirt, clean it but don’t labor endlessly. Once it gets dry, remove the loose paint and flaking patches of paint to get a clear and balanced surface.

  1. Take time to prime the specific areas

To get the best of your exterior painting you need to invest time to top the problem areas with a quality sealer. Also, take care of this that if you are repainting the exterior walls then use the chalky wall sealer. It varies from walls to wall as for wooden sliding, and vinyl latex primer goes well.

Check the instructions given on the label of primer to get the best results.

  1. Buy high-quality painting tools:

Make sure to buy top quality paints and tools while making the mind for exterior painting, applying paint coats doesn’t require much equipment or expensive paint boxes beyond what you’ve already made for scraping and priming. We recommend buying at least two top-quality brushes for applying the latex paint: one 4-in. Use a straight-bristled brush for vast surface areas and a 1-1/2-in. Angled sash brush for smooth work.

  1. Pick the appealing colors

The most important part of the exterior painting job is to choose the right colors. When it comes to selecting colors for your space, you’ll get various colors; it’s your call only to use the color. Spend some time to decide the color, check out the options which are appealing. Please don’t go for more vibrant colors it will fade away soon. Go for the stylistic elements of your space to choose the color which matches and complements your area.

  1. Spray and Roll It!!

After the paint for the long lasting result, you need to do spraying and backrolling, this process requires two persons to finish this task in one go. This tip will not only help you in making this paint long lasting but also give texture to your walls.

  1. Final Touch up!!

Here we come to an end with the last step to paint the small things outside the space to give a more appealing look to the exterior painting. Like doors, molding, shutters, and other small decor things. To save time take long roller brush to paint all little details in one go.

So, these are few tips which one should consider to get perfect exterior painting; these tips will help in extending the life of your siding, space and increase the value likewise.