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Color Ideas for Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the core of the home. It’s the place where your family accumulates to plan supper, the principle spot for engaging, and as of late, may even be where you help your children tackle schoolwork. Taking into account that it’s a high-traffic, multifunctional space, there’s no motivation behind why it shouldn’t stick out. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to lift your space is with the correct shading plan. 

Greenish blue and Concrete 

Havenly architect Levi Austin decided to supplement an artificial substantial kitchen divider with flies of blue-green in this open-idea home. 

Light Green 

In this light-filled kitchen, delicate green fills in as the ideal scenery against striking dark cupboards and window outlines. 

High contrast 

The roof, which architects regularly allude to as the fifth divider, is frequently neglected. This present kitchen’s challenging dark roof demonstrates that it merits the consideration. 

Shades of Green 

The kitchen is probably the best spot to try different things with shading loads, similar to this present plan’s in vogue mint green and blue-green shading range. 

Pastel Blue 

In this enticing East Hampton bungalow, a lustrous blue kitchen roof implores one to turn upward. 

Dark Blue 

Because of a rich shade of blue, a larger than usual cupboard turns into the principle point of convergence of a white kitchen configuration plot. 

Sage Green 

This kitchen, highlighting alluring sage green cupboards against white dividers, is an exercise in juxtaposition. 

Cornflower Blue 

This sweet, Midwestern shade looks additional pleasant when consolidated with a designed tile. Introduce the tile as far as possible up the path for a fun backsplash that just will not stop.

7 Home Decorating Tips for the Summer


When summer time comes, it is always good to lighten and brighten up any bedroom.  Of course, summer deserves a light and fun mood for the interior. Now let’s keep going and read these simple summer home decorating ideas.

1. Shading Palettes

Pick a shading palette for summer that is lighter than you would use in the colder time of year and join beachy colors like sandy beige, sea shore stone dark, watery blues and summer whites.

2. Add Coastal Style

A midyear room looks astonishing with seaside style added to it! Wether your room has a general customary, boho, farmhouse or glitz style you can add waterfront style accents to it in the bedding, toss pads, workmanship and enriching highlights.

3. Bedding

Supplant weighty duvets and wool sheets with lightweight breathable cotton mix sheets and a blanket. I love utilizing white blankets! I place one on the bed and a second collapsed quilt toward the finish of the bed rather than a duvet to include warmth cooler evenings.

4. Complement Pillows

Emphasize cushions are the place where you can truly offer a summery expression to your room and acquire stunning shading and example! For designs, stripes are ideal for summer! Pinstripes, canopy stripes and thick stripes all work!

5. Bushels

Use crates that are produced using common materials like wicker, sisal and hyacinth grass to help and light up your room for a new summer feel!

7. New Summer Flowers

Obviously a midyear room wouldn’t be finished with a bundle of excellent blossoms! Head to your nursery and clip off some new blossoms or head to your market to get a few!

Benefit of Applying a Sealant to Your Backyard Deck


Applying a stain or sealant to your backyard deck is a great choice especially if it is beginning to lose its aesthetic appeal. However, sealing your backyard deck has quite a few benefits than just renewing how it looks.  Here are some benefits of applying a fresh sealant to your back backyard deck.

It secures your backyard deck.

Applying sealant can fill gaps and cracks in your backyard deck.  When not treated, these cracks or holes can be a major source of problems. Many house owners have complained about how simple holes in the wood have eventually turned into a home for insects and parasites. Don’t wait until they grow into a bigger problem. You can use a sealant to repair broken or damaged woods that do not need to be immediately replaced thereby helping you save money as well from buying a new wood replacement for your backyard deck. Sealants are cost-effective solutions if you want to make deck repairs on a budget.

It is easier to clean.

When the sealant dries up, it naturally sticks to the wood without giving you a hard time to clean it. If the sealant is high-quality, it creates a hard shell that dirt usually just washed right off even if you don’t regularly clean it.  Most homeowners would normally apply sealant after buying a new house. It is a great way to keep the backyard deck brand new and well-protected.

It is a long-term solution.

If you are on budget and you need to cover holes and cracks on your backyard deck, you can opt for a sealant. Generally speaking, it helps resist rot, mold, and sun damage better than other options. While replacing your backyard deck is quite expensive, applying a new sealant on your backyard deck can do a great job of protecting the woods.

It provides protection from wood-eating parasites.

Sealing your backyard deck does not just make it look more beautiful. It gives the protection it needs from wood-eating insects which normally dig holes into the wood. You don’t have to wait until your backyard deck turns an age. If you have a newly installed backyard deck, applying a new sealant to it is a perfect way to maintain its newness.

How to install new gutters on your roof


Installing gutters on your roof is a great way to add a sleek-looking appeal to your house. Moreover installing a gutter onto your roof keeps water from flowing down your roof. If you want to learn how to install new gutters, here are some tips you can follow.

Evaluate your project

If you don’t know how to install new gutters on your roof, calling the professionals will help you avoid the pitfalls. But if you are very determined to do it on your own, it is important that you evaluate your project. You also need to inspect your roof and consider some factors. How big is your roof? Do you think you can do it alone? How big do you think your gutter should be?


Check the fascia

Also check the fascia. A lot of houses have a trim board nailed to the fascia. Before you can place a gutter, you need to remove this or add a continuous strip of wood under it to create a flat plane. The flat plane will serve as a base for your gutter so it is easier to attach it. In any case, it is important that you paint the base with a primer.


Cut the gutter

When you are ready, it is time to cut the gutter. When cutting, you need to cut from the front to the back side using tin snips. Then bend the gutter and cut the bottom. As a tip, it is best that you pre-assemble the gutter before you attach them to your roof. You can join the section on the ground so all you have to do is attach them when you are on the roof. This way, you don’t have to work from the top of a ladder which is more difficult.


Add downspout and outlet

Create a hole on the gutter which will serve as the way for the rain. Do not place the downspout on the center. The best thing to do is measure a half-meter from the corner of your house to the location of the downspout. You can place it on the corner where it is almost invisible where the rain can go directly to the drainage system.

Finish the gutter with flashing and hanger

Finally you can mount the gutter on the roof. Simply slide the gutter flashing under the shingles and secure it with an umbrella nail. If you don’t have an umbrella nail, you can ask the hardware store for your options. Do not use ordinary nails for the roof.

DIY – Exterior Painting Tips


Want a perfect Exterior House Painting job? Go through the tips below to get complete exterior painting more accessible and faster!!

A perfect exterior painting job is a tough job. But the outcomes are significant too. With the less investment in tools and materials, you’ll save thousands, extend the limits and follow the following tips and techniques to increase the value of your home or any place in way less time. The best part is, you’ll make it look like new again.

Here we go!! Tips and techniques to get the perfect exterior painting!!

  1. Wash the exterior and scrape off loose paint:

Use a mix of water and a phosphate-free cleanser to wash off the dirt, clean it but don’t labor endlessly. Once it gets dry, remove the loose paint and flaking patches of paint to get a clear and balanced surface.

  1. Take time to prime the specific areas

To get the best of your exterior painting you need to invest time to top the problem areas with a quality sealer. Also, take care of this that if you are repainting the exterior walls then use the chalky wall sealer. It varies from walls to wall as for wooden sliding, and vinyl latex primer goes well.

Check the instructions given on the label of primer to get the best results.

  1. Buy high-quality painting tools:

Make sure to buy top quality paints and tools while making the mind for exterior painting, applying paint coats doesn’t require much equipment or expensive paint boxes beyond what you’ve already made for scraping and priming. We recommend buying at least two top-quality brushes for applying the latex paint: one 4-in. Use a straight-bristled brush for vast surface areas and a 1-1/2-in. Angled sash brush for smooth work.

  1. Pick the appealing colors

The most important part of the exterior painting job is to choose the right colors. When it comes to selecting colors for your space, you’ll get various colors; it’s your call only to use the color. Spend some time to decide the color, check out the options which are appealing. Please don’t go for more vibrant colors it will fade away soon. Go for the stylistic elements of your space to choose the color which matches and complements your area.

  1. Spray and Roll It!!

After the paint for the long lasting result, you need to do spraying and backrolling, this process requires two persons to finish this task in one go. This tip will not only help you in making this paint long lasting but also give texture to your walls.

  1. Final Touch up!!

Here we come to an end with the last step to paint the small things outside the space to give a more appealing look to the exterior painting. Like doors, molding, shutters, and other small decor things. To save time take long roller brush to paint all little details in one go.

So, these are few tips which one should consider to get perfect exterior painting; these tips will help in extending the life of your siding, space and increase the value likewise.

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